Body cardio clear 7 Image Mastery- Doing Practice Makes it Perfect

Body cardio clear 7 Image Mastery is an exceptionally new concept.

In the best words in the world”all you have to do is what you’ve always done”.

A question and answer:

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Nothing!

Getting back to the question, I don’t have a favorite food, because my “food” is what I love. But I still don’t like it. I’m not supposed to like it, so I don’t.

Now wait a minute, I had a argument with mybandietician, so hearing me say that I don’t have a favorite food, they probably thought that I was going to go completely insane and just burp outdoors causing public disturbance.

Hold on, I get it now.

If we’re going to have a conversation, let’s avoid getting too Alonga lemonade cabbage connection.

If you love food, you’re supposed to love it purple, blue, red, gold etc. There’s so many blue, red, and gold foods out there, I’m sure I’ll find one. And I’m a CONSCIOUS eater. And really, who cares if I’m a little purple or red; what cherishes that “purple and blue lie” IT IS FOOD.

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So no more purple, blue, and red, but perhaps a little more purple and yellow. And yellow is easier… blues are hard enough.

So now it’s time to work on a new lie:

The goal is to be HEALTHY and NOT Tempting.

Does “tempting” carry too much negativity? I think it does. I like food just as much as anyone else, but I want to make sure the food I eat is good for me and not mouthwatering. And if you look at the way most of us “eat now”, there’s very little of that.

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I eat what I love, but I don’t eat enough.

I eat too much, not enough.

I’m a looking-for-lose-weight child, and not yet ready to grow up.

So I haven’t been eating enough fruits and vegetables. I’d love to, but they’re a little high in fat.

Here’s my plan:

I’m not going to go all out and eat nothing but salads and watermelon– that doesn’t go with the “eating lessuction.”

Actually, I think I’d find that to be really difficult. I like meat and that’s where I draw the line.

So what I’m trying to do is to eat, but eat healthily.

I’m going to start by only having one type of dessert every other day: either a couple cookies instead of cake, or a light assortment of fruits.

And then I’m going to move to:

•Limit my portions of food when I eat at restaurants to one plate only, and no go beyond that. (Or I’ll have a couple slices of pizza, and a few garlic breads, and maybe some sushi.

No junk food.

No soda (regular or diet).

No sugars or high fructose corn syrup.

No fast food.

When I eat at home, I’m going to cut down the portions of food that I put on my plate.

No more than a single serving of each food group for the day.

No more than one helping of food.

No extra sugars, extra salts, or extra toppings on my meat.

No fried foods or desserts.

Instead of using butter, I’m going to eat either olive or safflower oil (I can feel the former one more tasty).

I’m going to eat only one serving of breads, but remember the saying “yeast bread is bread and human teeth are made of it” (funny…).

No cream cheese or butter.

I’m going to eat only one helping of salad greens.

No cold cuts or any of the other cardio clear 7 website strange stuff that will only add body bloat and chlorine to your system.

Grilled instead of fried foods.

No sauces, gravies, or salad dressings.

I’m going to start eating on a small chair between the kitchen and the dining table. (That’s how much I weigh… okay, I’m not skinny yet).

No more eating out of the bag of greasy chips (those taste wonderful, but they’re evil).

No more sitting in the middle of the living room while I’m bundle-in-hand with the remote.

No more TV, movies, or sitting around watching harmless shows on my computer (I have elsewhere to go after all).

I’m going to use the half of my tv time to do the thing I enjoy the most: walk, bike, or swim… whatever hydrates me best.